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At our dentist Denville 07834, 07866, 07950’s office, you’ll find some of the latest cutting-edge dental technology available today. The latest tools allow us to provide patients with the highest quality care possible and do so with efficiency. We want your visits with us to be as stress-free as possible. That means no long wait times for your appointment. It also means receiving quality treatment in as few appointments as possible. From digital X-rays to intraoral cameras, these advanced devices help us to diagnose conditions and complete treatments quickly and efficiently!

Intraoral Cameras

A tiny camera that allows us to take high-resolution images of your smile is placed inside your mouth and used to take pictures of your teeth. These images are displayed on a screen right by your face, allowing you to see exactly what the dentist Denville 07834, 07866, 07950, sees during an examination or procedure. Plus, the lights on the intraoral camera are bright enough for us to see even the most hard-to-see areas inside your mouth!

Digital X-rays

Instead of using traditional X-rays that are developed using chemicals in a dark room, we use a digital X-ray machine to take images of the mouth. This allows the dentist Denville 07834, 07866, 07950, to get high-quality images immediately and also allows us to share them and discuss them with patients instantly. Patients can see for themselves any areas of concern and can make more informed decisions about their treatment options.

Laser Whitening

Our dentist Denville 07834, 07866, 07950, uses a “laser” to whiten teeth by applying the bleaching agent directly onto the surface of your teeth. The whitening solution is usually hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates into the tooth enamel and breaks down stains. After the process is complete, the teeth should be several shades lighter in color than they were before the procedure. Patients can benefit from this procedure because it produces immediate results after just one visit, and it is more effective at removing tougher stains than most at-home kits.

We also offer numerous other dental services, which include dental extractions, crowns, bridges, dentures, etc. Our dentist Denville 07834, 07866, 07950, is also an emergency dentist who can treat issues like chipped tooth, toothache, etc. Call us at (973) 743-5432 to book your appointment NOW!

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