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Laser Teeth Whitening in Mountain Lakes, NJ

Laser whitening is a dental procedure performed to whiten discolored and stained teeth. It is a cosmetic procedure that provides desirable outcomes to the patient. At Edward Shluper DDS, the dentists offer laser whitening to patients who prefer to have a brighter smile in a shorter time. 

Benefits of Laser Whitening

  • A quick procedure that provides immediate results
  • A non-invasive process that does not cause any discomfort to the patient
  • Enhances the appearance of the patient
  • Promotes the overall oral health of the patient

The Procedure of Laser Whitening

The dentists evaluate the patient’s dental condition before initiating the laser whitening procedure. It helps dentists analyze if the patient has artificial prostheses as they cannot be whitened through laser whitening. A rubber guard is placed inside the mouth, which helps to keep the mouth open for the procedure. The dentists place a protective layer on the gums, which helps avoid the contact of whitening gel with other parts of the mouth. 

A layer of whitening gel is evenly applied to the teeth. A pen-like laser device is flashed on the teeth, which activates the gel. It begins to foam, removing the stains on the teeth. The gel is left on for 15 minutes, after which it is vacuumed. The dentists repeat the procedure to attain the desired shade of white. The mouth is rinsed thoroughly after the complete process to remove any remaining gel from the mouth. 

Care for Whitened Teeth

Whitened teeth require special care for the first 24 hours after the procedure. The patient should only consume liquid for two hours right after the treatment. They are advised to avoid food that contains artificial colors as it may stain the teeth. The teeth remain sensitive to hot and cold food after the whitening procedure. Good dental care that includes brushing and flossing helps maintain the teeth for a more extended period. 

Laser whitening is an excellent cosmetic procedure that can enhance the patient’s appearance. Whitened teeth provide a smile transformation to the patient. 

Edward Shluper DDS, located at Mountain Lakes, NJ, has expert dentists and the latest technologies that enable the best dental care for patients. Dial (973) 743-5432 to book an appointment with the dentistry and to know more about laser whitening and other services provided.

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