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Going to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup is an important part of maintaining good oral health. But at Dr. Shluper’s practice, we offer more than just cleanings and checkups. Our practice provides a wide variety of dental services for patients of all ages. From early dental care like sealants and fluoride treatments to restorative procedures like root canals, implant placement, and restorations, our practice is equipped to handle it all under one roof. If you are looking for the best general dentist in Chester, look no further than Dr. Shluper’s office. Here, you can find friendly, patient-focused care for all your oral health needs from an experienced dentist in Chester.

Benefits of general dentistry treatments

Finding a good general dentist can be a big step toward bettering your dental health, but the benefits of visiting a dentist go beyond the care you receive during your visits. When you work with a trusted general dentist to receive routine checkups and cleanings, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Prevention – By getting regular cleanings and examinations from our dentist in Chester, you can prevent many common oral health issues. For example, if caught early, tooth decay can be treated and reversed with a simple filling or dental crown. When gum disease begins earlier, it can be treated with scaling and root planing procedures that remove the bacteria and plaque buildup that causes gum irritation and infections.
  • Better overall health – Oral health can also impact your overall health, so ensuring that you visit the dentist every six months for cleaning and exams can help you maintain overall wellness. At your regular visits, our dentist can screen you for oral cancer, diabetes, and other medical conditions, as well as provide important tips about proper brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Reduced risk of tooth loss – The benefits of regular dental care doesn’t stop at your oral health alone; our general dentist can also help you to strengthen your teeth so that you can avoid losing teeth to infection or trauma. Root canals, for example, are incredibly beneficial as they restore a tooth when the pulp is infected or damaged. These can then go on to be restored with a crown or dental implant. Furthermore, dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth with several options for restorations.

Types of general dentistry treatments

Our general dentist in Chester is trained to provide treatment for a range of oral health issues, including cavities and gum disease. We also focus their practice on children and families, providing preventative care or specialized services for children.

Accidents happen at any time, which is why we also offer emergency dental care to all of our patients. If you experience an accident that has caused injuries to the mouth or face, such as a broken, cracked, fractured, or chipped tooth in Chester due to sports injury or fall, it’s important to seek immediate treatment from the emergency dentist in Chester to protect your oral health. We offer same-day appointments and will do everything like medications, root canal treatments, restorative treatments, and dental extractions in Chester, so we can help as much as possible to protect your health.

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