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Dental bridges are fixed prosthetic devices designed to replace one or more missing teeth by spanning the gap between adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. Bridges restore the smile’s functionality and aesthetics by combining artificial teeth, known as pontics, anchored by crowns on supporting teeth or implants. This fixed dental restoration prevents adjacent teeth from shifting, maintains proper dental alignment, and enhances oral health by restoring the ability to chew and speak comfortably. At Edward Shluper, DDS, the dental bridges offer a durable and customized solution for individuals with missing teeth, contributing to a complete and harmonious dental arch.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges, a standard tooth replacement option, involve creating crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and placing an artificial tooth (pontic) in between. Our dentist in Mountain Lakes, NJ, can guide you through the process and determine if this is the right solution for your missing teeth.

Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are similar to traditional ones but are anchored to only one adjacent tooth instead of two. This type of bridge is often used when only one adjacent natural tooth is available for support.

Maryland Bonded Bridges

Maryland bridges involve the attachment of pontics to adjacent teeth using metal or porcelain wings. These wings are bonded to the backs of the adjacent teeth, eliminating the need for crowns. This type is commonly used for front teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are anchored to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone. Each implant supports one or more pontics, providing a stable, long-lasting solution. This type of bridge is ideal when multiple consecutive teeth are missing.

The Advantages of Dental Bridges

Restoration of Functionality

Dental bridges in Mountain Lakes, NJ, restore the ability to chew and speak correctly, addressing functional issues caused by missing teeth. This contributes to improved oral health and overall well-being.

Prevention of Tooth Shifting

Gaps left by missing teeth can lead to neighboring teeth shifting out of their proper alignment over time. Dental bridges fill these gaps, preventing adjacent teeth movement and maintaining the dental arch’s natural alignment.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Dental bridges are crafted to match the natural appearance of teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for individuals with missing teeth. The result is a complete and harmonious smile.

Preservation of Facial Structure

Missing teeth can contribute to changes in facial structure, leading to a sunken or aged appearance. Dental bridges help maintain the face’s natural contour by filling the gaps left by missing teeth.

Comfort and Stability

Dental bridges are securely anchored to adjacent teeth or implants, providing stability and comfort. Unlike removable dentures, bridges are fixed in place and do not require removal for cleaning or maintenance.

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